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Games we play

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Almost verybody likes playing games and all of us know characters like Mario, Yoshi, Pokemon , Zelda etc. Now there maybe a nice chance to profit from these , by buying the Nintendo (NTDOY) stock. The company which owns all the above characters and produces consoles & video game titles & characters is on our quant model’s radar, which has recently given its stock a very positive BUY signal based on fundamentals & technical factors. NTDOY at 44.13 currently has a greater than 72% chance to move higher than 20% in the next 6-7 months. Given a relatively not very bad market , the stock will over perform the market by a considerable margin , although its volatility must be taken into account when adding to our portfolio. $NTDOY $QUANT $STOCKS

Invest in shipping comeback

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If we want to invest in the shipping industry and particularly in the dry bulk freight rates , one of the best options is the BDRY (ETF) which invests straight in these rates. The rates in the industry are in a historical low , partly due to some one time issues like the Brazil iron ore production and although always things can get worse , the probabilities favor long positions. There are already some signs that prices have bottomed out and our quantamental model has already raised a flag for a long positions. Even though its market cap is very low (3-4m USD) , the fund is open ended , so it can accommodate any size investment. Its price currently stands at 10.73 and our model gives a probability of more than 70% to surpass 13.5 USD the next 3-4 months.