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Frequently asked Questions

A-Quant Trading Signals App

What is the a-Quant trading signals app?

A-Quant trading signals app is a state-of-the-art application that offers trading signals, innovative indicators and trading events based on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms. In addition, it also provides a series of useful real time information such live quotes , daily percentage change and market news.

Who we are?

We are a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance & Finance and IT. We have many years of trading experience, having worked in Hedge funds, big corporations, research institutes & academia.

Our major scope is to provide individual traders & investors, both experienced & novice ones, powerful & easily accessible trading tools, that until the recent years were only used by institutional investors.

Do you use any technical analysis in your models?

To clarify this, the main source of our models is Artificial Intelligence/Machine  Learning algorithms. We use technical analysis only in terms of defining Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and to apply Risk Management where it is applicable.

How the signals are produced? Automatically or manually?

The answer is automatically. However, only in special cases (extremely high volatility, abnormal market conditions etc) there’s a human intervention for protection reasons.

What asset classes are covered in a-Quant trading signals app?

  2. Cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Monero, Zcash, Dash, Neo, Eos )
  3. Indices & Commodities (SP500, Nasdaq100, DAX30, FTSE 100, EuroStoxx50 , Nikkei 225, HongKong50, Futures VIX, US Index, US Oil, Gold, Copper)
  4. Selected Stocks, mostly from the US Stock Market.
  5. Mid-to-long term Trade Ideas for selected Stocks,Options and ETFs

What is the form of each signal?

In FX currency pairs, Indices & Commodities and Stocks tabs, each new signal has an Entry Price/Entry time, Time-frame, Stop Loss, Take Profit and Probability of Success or the Risk Level. On the other hand, for the closed signals there’s also the Closed Price/Closed time.

What is the form of the indicators?

In FX tab, we offer the following indicators:
  1. Market Trend – The hourly trend expressed in direction, strength and rating levels
  2. Market volatility – The hourly quantified volatility of each currency pair
  3. Buyers vs Sellers – Hourly Overbought/Oversold levels that possibly means market exhaustion and most of the times lead to correction
  4. Market volume – The hourly quantified volume of each currency pair
In Cryptos tab, we offer the following indicators:
  1. a-Quant predictor – Quantified probability for a certain market direction
  2. Traders Sentiment – The current crypto quantified trading sentiment taken from the most popular social media platforms and forums
  3. Market Trend – The hourly trend expressed in direction, strength and rating levels
  4. Buyers vs Sellers – Hourly Overbought/Oversold levels that possibly means market exhaustion and most of the times lead to correction

What are the events?

We offer events with the exact time that occurred for all the severe and sharp changes at the values of the indicators. Each event may be interpreted as an important market change on the applicable asset.

What is Trade Ideas Tab in a-Quant trading signals app?

Trade Ideas Tab gives you mid-to-long-term investing ideas in selected Stocks, Options and ETFs. More specifically, our software scans thousands of assets, providing investing/trading ideas of high conviction based on our unique probabilistic Machine Learning Models.

What is the cost of a-Quant trading signals app? Is there a free trial?

We offer a two weeks free trial period for all the in-app subscriptions.

After the trial period, there’s a subscription fee according to the following table:

trading signals app

What is the performance of the signals and how can I monitor it?


In the FX market, our target is to have a 15% – 25% return per year. That means 1500  – 2500 pips yearly if we have a 1:1 leverage. That’s around 50 pips / week on average. It’s achievable with low risk & stable performance.

Indices & Commodities

Indices & Commodities signals have an average performance of 3% per month.


Stocks signals have an average performance of 40% per year.

In addition, you can also monitor the above performance in real time by using the Performance menu item. You will find it in the main menu of the trading signals app.

Do I need any specific educational background or trading experience to utilize a-Quant trading signals app?

If you only use for example the signals service, all you need is a trading platform and an account to place the signals. If you read the technical indicators, events and market news you need the basic trading level in order to use and match the offered information into your trading behavior.

I would like download the a-Quant trading signals app and start using it. What should I do?

It’s easy! You will find trading signals app in App Store and Google Store under the name a-Quant signals. Similarly, you can find the downloadable links through our 2 websites (www.algo-profits.com and www.a-quant.com)

Can I connect my trading account with a-Quant trading signals app?

In our trading signals app you will find a very fast & reliable execution mechanism. Through this mechanism you will be able to get connected with an MT4 broker (from a selected list). You just have to provide the  credentials. After that you can enjoy execution in a very secure, innovative and user-friendly environment. Of course, you’ re also able to execute positions of your choice.