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Frequently asked Questions

How do I install the product that I buy?

Each product has a dedicated page with a full installation guide.

How do I use the product that I buy?

Each product had a dedicated page with analytical user manual with details for every single parameter.

How do I receive the products which I have subscribed?

Since you update your subscription, you will receive the updated product in your email address. Installation process is always the same.

I bought a product, what is the difference from a subscription?

Subscribers enjoy all the updates and improvements of each product that come on a regular periodical basis.

What MT4 version is required?

On your MT4 platform, go to Help -> About. At the left-bottom corner of the About pop-up window you see the current build of your MT4 instance. Build 600 or higher is required.

Can I have the source code of each product?

No, source code is Intellectual Property of the Company.

Are your products available for Windows only or you support other Operating Systems?

Products are available only for Windows version of MT4. Most of the other versions do not support custom indicators and Expert Advisors.

Do you offer discounts or/and special offers?

We offer discounts to existing clients and we also do promotions with special offers. Stay tuned!

How do you provide licensing and what does a license include?

Licensing is taking place through an encrypted file that comes along with each product. See Installation Guide for more details. We don’t have secret blocks of code into each product for validation that may have access to your account details as well! License includes two accounts (demo or live).

Is the license bound with my PC or I can use the products in other PCs too?

You can install our products on every PC. Licensing has to do with your account numbers only.

Do the products work on other charts types (Renko, Range etc)?

All products run properly on all types of charts.

I bought a product that doesn’t work. What should I do?

Please read again the Installation Guide and the User Manual. Also check out if your account number is valid for the product or if your subscription has expired. If the problem is not resolved, please contact us at info@a-quant.com

I installed the indicator but I don’t see it on Navigator.

Please restart your MT4. If the problem is not resolved, please contact us at info@a-quant.com

How do I receive the product that I want to buy?

Process is automatic. Since you pay, you download the product (.ex4 file) and you install it by following the instruction of the Installation Guide.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card and Paypal.

What is the payment process of the subscription mode of the products?

By ordering a product in a subscription mode, each month the subscription amount will be charged and you will receive the updated product.

How do I stop my subscription?

Please email us at info@a-quant.com