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Content and software have become key differentiators for brokers, which carries more weight and how can brokers synergize those?

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In all online ventures, content is the king & the trading business is no exception.

For the majority of broker & traders educational & high-quality content is very crucial for a long term relationship. Especially the novice trader needs a lot of education & mentoring in order to reach a level of possible success, which will cement his/her relationship with the broker.


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Machine learning in finance

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Machine learning (ML) is one of the most promising areas of innovation that companies from all sectors are recently seeking to explore. Companies ranging from the manufacturing sector to the robotics and mechanical engineering sector are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML.
Beyond that, the AI concept has extended its impact to the financial markets through machine learning. Over the last two decades, markets have become more dynamic and trading using ML algorithms is seemingly taking over from the traditional exchange-based trading. Hedge fund managers and traders alike are now focusing on developing programs that assist their daily trading business in an effort to increase returns.

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Heiken Ashi indicator

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Technical analysis vs Fundamental analysis

There are two possible methods for analyzing markets in order to make decisions regarding trading: technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis focuses in spotting economical, social and political news & factors that may affect the price of a currency pair, a stock, an index etc. Analysts always try to find a fair price for a tradeable asset so they can investigate trading opportunities.

Technical analysis is a trading tool for spotting trading opportunities too but it is based on statistical analysis of charts and assets such as the price, the volume, the volatility etc. A basic technical analysis principle is that the market movements are not random and that somehow the past markets behaviour repeats itself in the future. Technical analysis has a series of tools such as technical indicators & oscillators, price action, patterns etc

Although fundamental analysis looks more simple and familiar, it has two very important disadvantages though:

  1. An individual trader learns the market news most likely much later than the big players
  2. An individual trader is not able to translate market news into trading action: it takes a lot of experience and knowledge in finance to do that.


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